Projects of major bike routes

The national program of bike routes and greenways includes a number of long distance routes. Many of them are currently under construction.
Several bike routes will be part of the European cycle route network and thereby linked to the national bikeways of neighboring countries.

>>> See the list of major bike routes.

>>> See the map of major bike routes.

In France, six itineraries are part of the European Cycle Route Network EuroVelo:

- EuroVelo 1: along the Atlantic coast (see the pdf document, in French, on the advancement of this route on the website of the ADC – 1.48 Mb)
- EuroVelo 3: The pilgrim’s route links Trondheim in Norway to St Jacques de Compostelle in Galicia, Spain. See the site of CycloTrans Europe who supports this itinerary of which the French section is also part of another project linking Paris to Moscow.
- EuroVelo 4: along the coast of the English Channel (la Manche)
- Eurovelo 5: London-Rome passing through Calais-Lille and then Lorraine and Alsace
- EuroVelo 6: the best known, euroveloroute of the rivers, from Nantes to Budapest and to the Black Sea,
- EuroVelo 8: along the Mediterranean coast.

Some European itineraries are well advanced, completed between 60 % and 80 % of their length, such as the Atlantic coast route and the Eurovéloroute no6 linking the Loire with the tour of Burgundy and then passing through Franche-Comté and Alsace.
On the national level, other itineraries are supported by the local authorities grouped on the interregional or interdepartmental level, yet others are supported by non-government organizations: La Loire à vélo, Du Léman à la Mer, La vallée du Lot, Moscow-Paris-St Jacques de Compostelle (association CycloTransEurope).
Unfortunately, until today, none of the major routes is completely finished. France will need time to catch up the delay to its European neighbors !
The AF3V tries to push the completion of all the itineraries of the national program. The task is difficult but particularly motivating !