Itinerant biking

Bord de canal au petit matin
Oh what a pleasure to take the road on a fresh spring morning, feel your bike move, feel your legs start moving, feel the slight breeze and morning humidity that slowly give way to the sun, its comfortable warmth and the smell of flowers and fields !

What a pleasure to take your time for a stop to admire the landscape, a monument, an old church ...

With your bike you can stop everywhere, appreciate a magnificent outlook, chat a little bit, ask for curiosities of the region.

You can get into contact with the locals, try your French for a simple and friendly encounter.

What a pleasure to stop in the village cafe for a light lunch or refreshments during an afternoon ride.

What a pleasure to ride on a safe trail, away from the traffic, away from the stress, in the middle of nature that you discover with your senses : hear the birds sing, smell the flowers, see the beauty of nature ...

En familleDon’t hesitate. Get on your bike for a small adventure.

Without searching for performance, itinerant cycling is a new way to live your holidays and to travel over the magnificent French landscapes.

Itinerant cycling is accessible for everyone. No need to be a sports champion, no need for a superb bike, no need for the fanciest equipment !

Everybody at his own pace !!

A few short trips before the holidays, practical and solid bags well installed on the bike, a good map of your destination and off you go for ride of 2 or 3 weeks across France.

Enjoy your trip and discover the French bikeways